Simple Language
Customizable Widgets
Market Tabs
Interactive Charts
Market Reports
You need
market color
to execute. SHIFT has you covered.


Why waste time looking up codes? Use natural language to search over 2,000 product codes.

Everyday language allows instant usability. You can now search a vast area of data at once, rather than one product code at a time.

Instead of fishing with specific product codes, throw a net in the ocean of data to see every trade related to tens or even hundreds of products.


SHIFT gives you the color you need most to quickly decipher the market. Customizable widgets show you what trades are going through your market, by related product groups or strikes. However you may trade.


You need market color to execute trades and SHIFT has you covered.

See color in every single market in seconds. It's not just about having data: it's about having the right data that makes you better at what you do. 

With SHIFT, market tabs are simple and customizable, giving you complete market color as fast as you can click.


SHIFT shows you charts while you search. Our charts give you quick and relevant information right next to the trades that you are looking at.

Select a trade and click to open a volatility chart. It's that simple.

Option analytics provided by QuikStrike.


Create time critical and traceable execution color on any market.

Pick relevant widgets and share them with your colleagues in a beautiful market report.

Easily collect, view, and share your findings.
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